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How It Works

You Need Cash

Whether you need to pay off bills, get out of debt, buy a house or car, or achieve another financial goal, you need money and you need it now! You give us a call to discuss your options.

Evaluate Your Payment Structure

Everyone's situation is different, so we discuss your current payment stream, how much money you need to achieve your goals, and how much money you'd like to keep in your settlement for the future.

Explore Your Options

It may be in your best interest to sell a portion of your structured settlement or annuity, or the whole thing, depending on your goals and financial situation. We discuss your options with you and together formulate a plan that fits your needs.

Receive Your Rapid Card

Once we agree on a plan that works for you, you sign the contract, we send you your rapid card, and we take care of the heavy lifting. We get you a court date and walk you through the entire process. Your rapid card will be used for advances to hold you over until funding.

You Get Your Cash

Once the transaction is approved by a judge, we send the funds directly your rapid card. The funds will be available to you immediately; you can use it at any ATM to withdraw cash, or as a regular debit card to pay bills, swipe at a store, or get cash back.

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